Friday, July 20, 2012

Random thoughts on a cloudy day with a beautiful Sunset
So, I've been thinking about pink a lot lately. Maybe because of all the pigs that I've been making. The one above got smashed with a few holes in it. Pink, I remember when I lived in the lakewood neighborhood in the city of Atlanta, my neighbor across the street who was 85 at the time would mow her lawn with her pink sweat shirt, sweat pants, and a large pink bow in her hair, she and her husband had lived there since 1955. I used to change light bulbs for her because she didn't like to climb the ladder, one day she said, "Come see my kitchen I had it painted!" Oh, yes she did, pepto bismal pink or about the shade of the pig above. Wow it was a sensory gut punch to your eyes! She loved it and she loved pink!

At my last house neighbors would ask me were I lived and I would tell them the purple house, followed by, "Next to the pink house!?" Yes, was my response, it was a brighter pink but they toned it down a bit. The ladies in the pink house were awesome neighbors, but they moved and so did I. They had painted a few rooms in the house pink also. Once I asked if the welding and metal work that I did in the backyard bothered them and my neighbor said "My house is pink, I don't have room to complain." Awesome! We got along well.

And finally tonight I went back to the Sunset Mustang Ranch Studio to finish up some pigs. Through the gray clouds an arc of pink fluffy clouds broke through! I get these amazing sunsets at my studio space, strange looking out at a transmission shop and a bunch of cars parked around there that there is almost always a glorious sunset from the courtyard next to the dirt track mustang by my studio.
Some of the pig near the studio

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blue Chairs in a Grey World

I don't know
I wear my heart upon my sleeve, my emotions out for all to see, it's a big deal! I take it personally when you destroy me. I want to stop the pain right now, it's a big deal! I felt so close to you somehow, but it's all over right now. One day I'll move on and it'll be a big deal, I hope til then I won't fall down. 

Sometimes things go really well. Sometimes despite your every feeling that you know things are going to work out, they don't. It's not your fault, it just feels like it. I thought we would be together, now I feel used, thrown out, and my emotions dismissed and it feels irrelevant to me somehow. 

I hope that tomorrow I feel better, some way, some how, some time.

Flying pigs and 1 non flying pig