Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A story and some new art work

Once upon a time there was a cat who lived in a very nice neighborhood, with nice people and lots of dogs. Now other than being a cat, this cat thought he was the king of the neighborhood.  A lot of the nice people liked to walk there dogs every day past the cat, and the cat would run after the dogs telling them to go away, this was his kingdom, dogs weren't allowed, and the dogs would leave with there owners, because they were on a walk. The next day the same thing would happen and the cat would chase all of the dogs down the street and yell at them to leave and the dogs did, mostly because they were on a walk and headed back home for some water and a treat!  
The dogs in the neighborhood were getting a little tired of the cat and being chased so one night they all got together to discuss what they would do about this problematic cat. All the dogs agreed that something had to be done but none of the dogs wanted to talk to the cat, besides they only spoke dog and didn't understand what the cat was yelling at them, they were just tired of him. Now, none of the dogs wanted to confront the cat.
"I don't want to get my nose popped by that cat", said a big Rotty.
"Cats are mean and they hiss and have claws that hurt", said a droolly Boxer.
"I'll do it", said a meek voice. "I'll do it", the meek voice said once again. And finally as loudly as he could a small Chihuahua said "I'll do it" and all of the dogs looked at the little one.
The next day on his walk the little Chihuahua walked by the cat and charged the little dog. The Chihuahua stopped and spoke to the cat, "please stop chasing all of the dogs, we are just out on a walk and don't mean to disturb you Mr. Cat, we just wish to be left alone." Now fortunately the Chihuahua spoke cat because he had be raised by a Siamese cat. The cat was shocked that the littlest dog had the courage to stand up to him the King of the neighborhood.
The cat said, "I will stop chasing you, I thought you dogs were trying to take over my neighborhood."
"No, no, no," said the Chihuahua, "we just want to walk in peace, smell the bushes, and pee on things."
After that day the cat watched the dogs walk by him and left them alone. The dogs were happy and the cat was still the King of the Neighborhood and now he was able to take more naps.
What does this have to do with my art? Not much. I've been working on a few letter from scrap metal, a new robot, and some new metal faces. Now if I could find a metallic red spray paint I could get that robot looking sweet!!!!! In other news I have a new gallery in Vining Jubilee, Inside Out Accessories, the owner sold one of my clocks as her first sale!  http://www.insideoutaccessories.com   
facebook page for Inside-Out-Accessories
The gallery in Decatur, HomeGrown is celebrating a year in business, this Friday, September 2, 2011.

http://www.etsy.com/listing/80809671/the-letter-o-original-wall-hangingThe letter O
The Big O


Of course it's A

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Coincidences, yesterday for some unknown reason was filled with them, mostly small coincidences and synchronicities which could be explained by the small town downtown area of Decatur, GA. I was at HomeGrown Decatur and just notice many things that were interconnected. It was a day of students starting college soon wandering around downtown and the small shops, so I saw Emory students, Scotties, St. Thomas More school, and probably some other colleges I didn't ask all of the kids where they went. I asked the STM kids if they knew Mary Jane, who shares my daughters birthday, and the young girl was a student in her math class. The Agnes Scott women thought it was funny that I knew about the inside of the dorms there, hey, it's a right of passage to be a Tech student and date a Agnes Scott woman or two. Anyway, one of the owner's birthdays was yesterday also and towards the end of the evening a family came in and it was their twins birthday also. Best part, one of the twins bought an altoids tin clock that I had made at the gallery. Coincidentally their Mom was the one who contacted me about doing an  Earth Day show at the Federal Reserve with my art, their Dad lived in Carrollton briefly  at the same time I lived there and lived in the neighborhood that my good friend T's friend Monica said she lived currently(she told me on Saturday previous). Then I saw a woman who told us she was meeting a guy for a first date, she had popped into the gallery to give us some info about an art show in Hapeville. There she was standing in the parking lot at about 10pm with her date and I said "Hello". Went to my car and watched her drive her date home, weird. I hope I don't have to get a ride home with any future first dates.  Blue robot
Blue Metallic Robot with rotating head

El el, blue dog, long and low dog
So that was yesterday. I've been accused of blue being my favorite color based on a few recent Etsy pieces being blue, well that was just a coincidence, I painted a dog blue as a joke on Blue Dog and then asked T what color to paint a robot, she suggested blue, cool I thought I haven't painted a robot blue yet, so off to find Blue Metallic paint.
blue long low dog

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Around where I am what I am


On the way to the junkyard, I pass this truck. The Opry house is just down the road, actually a few miles from my sister's house in Lowell we pass by when we go to see her and the family.
Black steer near Tumlin Creek, Roopville, GA                       

Probably was going to be another housing development/subdivision near Carrollton, GA but became an overgrown clearing and dumpsite after the housing bust. Now 2 abandoned bulldozers sit and rust away protecting the cleared site from more dumping, mostly bricks and concrete. Why? 

She came over to the fence as I was driving by and stopped. Didn't like it when I started walking over to the pasture and she ran back a few yards.  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blue Robots, Granite, and the Pool

Being alone is an adjustment. I've spent the last few years with a very active child and now I only see her every other weekend. It's been a big change, we use to do almost everything together, lots of time at the pool, hiking granite outcroppings in Dekalb county, and trips to the playground.
I asked online about what color to paint something the other day, sometimes it just doesn't hit me like it usually does, and got no responses. I asked my good friend T and she suggested blue, not a color I would have thought of for a robot, needless to say I do appreciate it much. Being an artist in isolation, sort of is difficult, ideas need to be bounced off of others, suggestions made, and right now I don't have that. It's been an interesting change. So to T, I thank you for the robot is shaping up and the blue metallic paint is looking great.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Car Ma Police

The Cat that came from the RR and the Stove
Welcome back your dreams are you ticket out. Just have a few new pieces of metal work. It's been hot here in GA and I haven't been welding as much as I would like, that's why I've done a lot of clocks lately. So, this is what's been welded up in the new studio in Newnan, GA. More info on these pieces at; Moosey-anti-loper-metal-wall-sculpture and Ironic-the-cat-metal-wall-sculpture
Dodo bird Antiloper Moose Ram
I've also made a few letters out of chain and tools, first a J and a S. Pictures soon. Also a new lowrider dog, a robot, a fish, and a snail to be painted, so those pictures will be a little longer coming to the internets. Thanks for reading.