Monday, August 6, 2012

The Summer and the Flying Menagerie

Bot Dog
Summer, cicada, dragonflies, crows, yellow jackets, and butterflies, they come and they hang out with me. The crows I think are laughing at my jokes, or maybe just the comedy of me stumbling around extension cords and metal piled up here, there, and everywhere.

The cicadas come and visit me in my studio at night, landing on my arm. Why? Then 1 lands on my table. I don't want to burn the small noisy creature, I move it outside, it flies back into the studio. Again I move it outside, this time it stays. :-)

The butterflies come out, flitter and flutter around me while I weed the garden stopping occasionally to alight on a flower. I remember one of the first big words my daughter said clearly, butterfly. She's fascinated by them, so am I. I will always have that connection to butterflies.

The crows, walking around the grass looking for something to eat, they watch me, they are making sure that I stay on the right path and don't look back at the failures. Forward and positively they are keeping me focused on what's ahead.

Ahh, the yellow jackets, I do not like you. Twice this summer I've been defeated by stumbling onto your home. So, so sorry. But land on my lip and I will defeat you.

The dragonflies come around and visit me at my studio, they make me happy! The way that they fly is incredible! I'm jealous of that ability. Yesterday they came to visit me while I was at a friends pool. She must not have seen them. She seemed sad. If she saw them I think, maybe, just maybe that might have made her day. Maybe tomorrow.

We did see the clouds, heavy and light gray in the sky. Why did they have a dark outline? Much like a child's drawing that outlines everything in black, it was not the way one usually sees clouds.

I've been working a lot in the studio, that is good!