Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A story and some new art work

Once upon a time there was a cat who lived in a very nice neighborhood, with nice people and lots of dogs. Now other than being a cat, this cat thought he was the king of the neighborhood.  A lot of the nice people liked to walk there dogs every day past the cat, and the cat would run after the dogs telling them to go away, this was his kingdom, dogs weren't allowed, and the dogs would leave with there owners, because they were on a walk. The next day the same thing would happen and the cat would chase all of the dogs down the street and yell at them to leave and the dogs did, mostly because they were on a walk and headed back home for some water and a treat!  
The dogs in the neighborhood were getting a little tired of the cat and being chased so one night they all got together to discuss what they would do about this problematic cat. All the dogs agreed that something had to be done but none of the dogs wanted to talk to the cat, besides they only spoke dog and didn't understand what the cat was yelling at them, they were just tired of him. Now, none of the dogs wanted to confront the cat.
"I don't want to get my nose popped by that cat", said a big Rotty.
"Cats are mean and they hiss and have claws that hurt", said a droolly Boxer.
"I'll do it", said a meek voice. "I'll do it", the meek voice said once again. And finally as loudly as he could a small Chihuahua said "I'll do it" and all of the dogs looked at the little one.
The next day on his walk the little Chihuahua walked by the cat and charged the little dog. The Chihuahua stopped and spoke to the cat, "please stop chasing all of the dogs, we are just out on a walk and don't mean to disturb you Mr. Cat, we just wish to be left alone." Now fortunately the Chihuahua spoke cat because he had be raised by a Siamese cat. The cat was shocked that the littlest dog had the courage to stand up to him the King of the neighborhood.
The cat said, "I will stop chasing you, I thought you dogs were trying to take over my neighborhood."
"No, no, no," said the Chihuahua, "we just want to walk in peace, smell the bushes, and pee on things."
After that day the cat watched the dogs walk by him and left them alone. The dogs were happy and the cat was still the King of the Neighborhood and now he was able to take more naps.
What does this have to do with my art? Not much. I've been working on a few letter from scrap metal, a new robot, and some new metal faces. Now if I could find a metallic red spray paint I could get that robot looking sweet!!!!! In other news I have a new gallery in Vining Jubilee, Inside Out Accessories, the owner sold one of my clocks as her first sale!  http://www.insideoutaccessories.com   
facebook page for Inside-Out-Accessories
The gallery in Decatur, HomeGrown is celebrating a year in business, this Friday, September 2, 2011.

http://www.etsy.com/listing/80809671/the-letter-o-original-wall-hangingThe letter O
The Big O


Of course it's A

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