Monday, August 8, 2011

Car Ma Police

The Cat that came from the RR and the Stove
Welcome back your dreams are you ticket out. Just have a few new pieces of metal work. It's been hot here in GA and I haven't been welding as much as I would like, that's why I've done a lot of clocks lately. So, this is what's been welded up in the new studio in Newnan, GA. More info on these pieces at; Moosey-anti-loper-metal-wall-sculpture and Ironic-the-cat-metal-wall-sculpture
Dodo bird Antiloper Moose Ram
I've also made a few letters out of chain and tools, first a J and a S. Pictures soon. Also a new lowrider dog, a robot, a fish, and a snail to be painted, so those pictures will be a little longer coming to the internets. Thanks for reading.

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