Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And Usually on Wednesday I have cake

Well, no, not really. It's time, spring, that time of the year when things start to turn green, right after everything has turned yellow. I was down for 3 weeks with a broken welder, got it fixed supposedly. But the place I took it didn't fix it and charged me a lot of money, so I took it back, was refunded, and went to buy a new welder. Still getting used to the new welder. I've finished the deer for the master gardeners' demo garden.
really? It's the correct way on my computer...arrrggghh! Buck
Doe and fawn
And I've made a few other things lately. The owl was a custom order.

Helper Robot
 This little robot hopefully found a new home. I've been leaving a few like these around Carrollton, GA. Hopefully I'll be leaving some in Atlanta and Decatur, GA.
Red Dog

Many more projects coming down the line, I've revamped on of the flamingos, crazy only the pink and red ones sold, not blue, nor green, not even orange. Strange indeed. ;-)
A pond drain cover with a bottle tree protruding from it is in a pond some where in Ranburne, AL. I made some bird legs for a friend that is going to create some ceramic birds on top of the legs, can't wait to see what becomes of them. I've got a few pieces to work on for the master gardeners' demo garden, an art in the park piece for this summer, a garden stake for the Scrap Bin, , and a tree to hold some hummingbird feeders. Ohh, crap, I better get busy!

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