Saturday, July 11, 2015

We know the Kitty

Once upon a Time there was a cat, not a particularly great looking cat but a nice and decent cat. He was a tuxedo kitty with no name, so crossing the desert with him was out of the question. He needed a name, Tuxie was out, as was Tuz, so it had to be Louie. And we say oui, oui to Louie!
Out in the yard out in the grass was Louie and his mom, lounging, laying, and playing. "Meeew," said Louie, he was a quiet and small one but he was patient and kind like any good kitty could be.
Down the driveway we went with Louie, checking the mail, walking to the water, wading in the water I went but not Louie! No, no not Louie, he was quite content to be a dry and dirty kitty, rolling in the dirt and the leaves. So, off to tomorrow, and off to the park we went with Louie.

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