Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gray is as Grey does

Apparently, gray is what I am, I've been called this and yet I do not know what it means. Am I dull? Boring? Possibly, but maybe it's an easy way out. I've never really thought of people as colors, I've been told my aura is green when I'm in a good mood and not as vibrant when I am sad, mad, or just not there. Well, I embrace who I am be it gray or purple. I am who I am.

It has been a good year, I've had a wonderful time with some great people and I wouldn't wish that experience and time away. But sometimes, things don't work out, and as hard as it can be sometimes, it has to be, no one ever said that this was going to be an easy journey. 

To the few readers, goodnight and maybe we will talk later. Thanks

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