Wednesday, October 7, 2015

who I am

I realize day after day, that I am who I am. Yes, I can change the way I look on the outside, a haircut, a tattoo, a piercing, new clothes, a new address, a scar, a bump on the head, and yet I am still the same person. I change because I want to be a better person, yes, I have changed, hopefully we all do. So, if you are wondering about grammar, well, it's not my strong point but I do work on it.

Where were we? Yes, change. I've changed, older, check, gray hair coming in, check, other issues, check. But that's okay. I am who I am and mostly I'm good with that, yeah, there are things I want to change and I do work on that, really! So, how do you do?

It's a big weekend coming up. It's good, I'm happy and I'm glad, things are going good. Until next time, thanks.

And the letter E.

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