Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Miller and Lucy

                Once upon a time there were two dogs that lived in a house in a very nice neighborhood; well actually they owned the house and if you’re wondering how two dogs owned a house, it’s not important, they just did, so accept it or go read another story (I suggest the story about the Clothes Dryer and some Popcorn) Miller was a strong and proud dog but just a bit drooly. Lucy was a small and very well manner little dog but occasionally barked at some of the newcomers to the neighborhood, but she always was very friendly once she got to know them and that was very quickly.  Now Miller and Lucy didn’t live with any people in their house but they lived with assorts of different people in their neighborhood. There was the dentist, the dreaded vacuum cleaner repair man (he was really nice, dogs just don’t like vacuums), the school teacher, the doctor, a veterinarian, and couple across the street with all of the kids, who knew all the right places dogs like to be scratched and pet.
                Miller and Lucy had the most manicured and prettiest yard in the whole neighborhood and everyone always told them so.  They also had a huge vegetable garden and grew the tastiest and best vegetables. And flowers, all kinds of wonderful and gorgeous flowers. Grapes, strawberries, apples, and even kiwis too! All in all they were excellent neighbors, everyone thought so and they said so. But when Miller and Lucy’s neighbors told their friends about them and how great they were and how nice their home and yard was everyone thought that Miller and Lucy were just some nice old couple that everyone wishes they had in their neighborhood. The kind that made pies and cookies, gave you flowers, sewed beautiful quilts and were all and all the neighbors you dream about but no Miller and Lucy were two dogs, exceptionally talented and smart dogs but dogs none the less.  
                For quite some time everyone was very happy in the neighborhood because Miller and Lucy were always there to help dig holes, chase away squirrels,  sniff around for lost toys, and bake the best apple pie around town. When someone new moved into the neighborhood it took them a little time to adjust to the fact that they were living with dogs but very shortly they wondered how they ever lived someplace else without Miller and Lucy. There was one thing that always bothered Miller however, door to door salesmen, especially the vacuum cleaner salesman, oh how many times did he have to chase that one off of his front porch, many more times than he could remember, but it was always good fun for Miller and Lucy, well she just sat in the doorway and shook her head and laughed. Of course usually the neighbors would warn the sales people about the house that is beautifully manicured and how the owners had dogs that didn’t like to be bothered and most took heed of the advice and stayed away but as always some people are not so bright and don’t listen. So what are you going to do? Because if there ever was a problem everyone in the neighborhood took care of Miller and Lucy in matters that dogs couldn’t handle which were very few.
And so Miller and Lucy and the rest of the neighbors all lived happy, fruitful, and fun filled long lives.  Just not so much for the squirrels in the neighborhood. The end.

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