Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cat is King

Once there was a cat that lived in a nice house with some very nice people. Now this cat thought he was the king of the household, when he Meowed, he got food. When he went to the door and meowed, he was let out, and when he was ready to come back in, he meowed and was let back into the house. He was fed, his litter box was cleaned, he had warm places to nap, and someone to scratch him on his back and between his ears, he was the king of the household. His people that he lived with knew it, he knew it, but the dogs in the neighborhood didn't know it.
The dogs in the neighborhood would chase him when they saw him and this would not do, this was no way to treat a king, especially when it interfered with nap time, sunning time, and resting time. What was a cat to do? The next day the cat woke up, meowed and was fed, meowed at the back door and was let out. He decided that he needed to figure out a way to keep the dogs away from his castle for he was the king, they just didn't know it. So, the cat laid in the sun and thought. He took a nap in the shade and thought. He cleaned his paws and he thought about what he could do to keep the dogs from chasing him. He was much too good to hiss at the dogs and clawing a dog on its nose never made things better, so he sat outside all day and thought and thought. Soon it was late so he went to the back door, meowed, and was let inside. He meowed and was fed dinner, Then it was time to lay on someone's lap and get a good head scratch, finally off to bed where he would wake up at 3 am and play with his people's feet, waking them up every night.
Maybe I'll finish the story later. Here's a cat that I made.

Ironic the Cat
Ironic the Cat

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