Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've welded a few robots over the last year or so, the first was one that my daughter laid out on my welding table. They are fun to make and paint but sometimes I do get bogged down and cannot figure out a paint color, I mean they are supposed to be metallic right? The last one I wrote about was blue metallic, so I thought that red metallic would be good this time. Right. I went to 3 different places looking for red metallic, nope, they didn't have it, I had pictured this color based on car colors that I have seen, then it hit me, doooh!  The auto parts store. So to Advance I went and there I found the color. This red robot is monochrome, except for the spark plug.  Metalartdude's Metal Shop Robots
Take me to you Beaters

Red Robot
Mega Phone Robot designed by my daughter

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