Sunday, October 30, 2011


Pumpkin made from recycled rods
Mike Wyzowski
Well, I made a pumpkin out of recycled rods that I got from the Scrap Bin in Carrollton, GA. This awesome place has all kind of donated goods for artists and crafters at very reasonable prices. It also has opportunities for artists to hold workshops on upcycled art/recyled art and such. And also gallery space for artists that use recycled materials. I'll be having a clock making work shop in January 2012. I carved a pumpkin this year with my Mom, first year in 5-6 years that I didn't do this with my daughter. Mom separated the seed and we roasted them. Next weekend I'll make pumpkin pie with the sugar pumpkin we got at Uncle Bob's pumpkin patch.
So, I've been getting ready for a big push for the holidays and hope to have a lot of hubcaps and artwork online and at the galleries. MetalArtDude's gallery new hubcap clocks and new artwork!
Thanks for reading! Happy Halloween!

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