Sunday, December 18, 2011

Story Time

Once upon a time (because all good stories start that way, right?) there was a store that sold stories, not a book store per se. No this store sold unique stories, you went into the store and told them what you wanted a story about and they made a book with the story and illustrations just for you. Say maybe a story about a cucumber that became a pickle and drove a steamroller and lived on Mars, yup this store would make that into a story for you with illustrations and everything, while you waited. A story about a giraffe that raised llamas on a chicken farm, sure no problem! Even a story about a girl that was a sweet Georgia peach from the city of steel and Vulcan who lived in the country and drew pictures of dogs, houses, and churches, of course the store would make the story for you! There really is a Sweet Georgia Peach and she is an amazing person!
I'm Pluto and I approve this blog.. Now, where's my treat?
So don't you fret and don't you fear for soon you too can have your very own story from the Store of Stories. But maybe in the mean time we can talk about art and such.  I've been busy combing the auto salvage yards this month as I was not completely prepared for a busy Christmas shopping season, which it has been for me. I am very happy and grateful for all of the sales of clocks this year but could some of you guys buy some artwork too? Thanks it's been fun but I've got to motor and write more stories about elephants that dream of being Architects who design underwater homes for walruses and vacation in the Garden of the Gods. And the illustrator has to get drawing too!

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