Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Caddy and some Volvos

Cadillac center cap
So things aren't always grey. Sometimes you meet a sweet Georgia peach and suddenly life seems brighter and possibilities that you'd forgotten about are brought back, even if the peach is from Alabama! It has been an adjustment living in Carrollton. I am meeting new people and lots of artists. I got second place in a chair competition, was asked to be on the board of a local non profit, got to be in the local Christmas parade,and met a lovely, smart, happy, amazing, and very creative lady. Things are definitely looking up but there is a long way to go. Now if I could write that story about the garden and the bats. Or maybe I'll make a book out of one of the other stories. Until next time.

144 Volvo center cap

240 Volvo center cap

740 Volvo hubcapVolvo 740 hubcap clock cadillac-center-cap-wall-clock

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