Friday, October 25, 2013

Art, being quiet and alone

Back again at square one. Or maybe 5. Sometimes, sometimes, I lose count, try as I may to find it. It is great at hiding, but maybe, just maybe I'm not looking.
I've been quiet lately, not much talking on the phone, no texts, a few emails, some brief encounters with friends. It is quiet in my life for now, except for that little bundle of 10 year old joy! My sanity has stayed with me because of such a smart and wise young one. But to tell the truth I miss things, mostly the little things, walking and holding hands, being in someone's presence that warm glowing feeling, kissing, hugging, and being more than just me.
Being alone, it's good, I'm not sad, I have this amazing freedom now, being on my own, away, just a little further away. At least I have her though the spider she loves me!
And scared little miss away!
Doing a lot of artwork lately, busy, busy, busy. It is good! It is good. Thank you! I feel better about things now. My life has changed, who would have thought I'd hear the water falling, seeing the geese flying, hear the ducks quacking, quacking, quacking, and the silence is mine.

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