Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Smashed and Fun

Bruised, bleeding, burned, smelling like electricity, metal, sweat, paint, grease, and dirt. Welcome to my world, my work. Hazards of the job? Yep. It's my life, and I'm happy. My job is dirty, hot, I melt metal, swirling it together into little circles joining two pieces of steel. I don't go to some nice office or studio, just a  garage, but it is a great space for what I do. I'm noisy, messy, dirty, and sometimes foul mouthed. Hey, smash your finger and tell me how you react?  I make things, cute things, robot things, whimsical things, whatever I want to make things. Mostly though, I have fun. Do you get to be messy at work? Stomp through an old junkyard looking for parts? Pick through oily, greasy scrap metal? Cover your hands in paint for days? Meet interesting people and hear their stories? I do.
 The robot legs and head are from the Atlanta Mini-Makers Faire at Georgia Tech. I had a good day, sold a few pieces. Funny thing I don't think most of those students had a clue that I was one of them, would they've looked at me differently? Treated me better?

Yes, a bunny, a rabbit. A drawing on the chalkboard by my daughter inspired me to make the rabbit. 

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