Monday, November 14, 2011

Something good, something new, and something sparkly!

So, we spend so much of our time thinking about, dreaming about, and romanticizing relationships. It has been a very strange year full of changes both good and bad. But I think that I've handled things well, ending a long relationship with someone is difficult, then you throw in children, lawyers, a house, money, and things get ugly....Time has passed and I feel so much better now than even a few months ago. And now that old things are done, the urge to start up again with a new relationship comes around from something that in my past would have been labelled as a "diversion" or "a waste of time". I've had the time to volunteer with a few organizations and it's been very helpful as someone that has been out of work for some time. It feels like a job, the people that volunteer with you are really interesting and they actually want to be there and make a difference, even though none of us get paid, it has been very uplifting to my spirits. I still continue to look for a permanent job but I now have several part time endeavors, as well as working on my art full time, because no matter what I do, I am a full time artist.
I was asked the other day if I liked what I did? Yes, I said. But that wasn't the truth. The truth is that I actually love what I do. It is an incredible experience to take pieces of steel and create something with my hands and then it gets better when other people like what I do and want it. One of my neighbors from Decatur contacted me and didn't know that I had moved, she was disappointed that the sculptures that I put in the yard where gone. That was one of the things about her walks that she really liked. To hear that was astonishing, because sometimes, I live in a vacuum and don't think that anybody likes what I do, but the reminders come in just when I need them.
So, now I'm off onto other adventures with art, humanity, music, love, food, and the completely unexpected turn that my life has made. And now I'm headed down that path again. Or is it up that path again?


  1. Lol not sure if it's up or down that path, but at least you're on a path :-)

  2. Thanks! I think both up and down, round corners, over blind curves, down ravines, and through dark passageways, but it's exciting and a lot of fun.

  3. "other adventures"
    and how exciting is that!
    Oh, I believe that path is an upper for sure!