Thursday, June 23, 2011

Around the neighborhood

There is a neighborhood cat, JJ, where I am living right now. I don't think that he's anybody's cat per se but several of the neighbors make sure he is taken care of and well fed. On tonight's walk he lazily crossed the road to come and see me, be scratched on the head and back. He crossed the street quietly announcing that he was coming to say hi with a soft mew. After we had walked on he sat there and watched us walk away. Sometimes I see him laying on top of a truck and sometimes sitting in the grass panting, it's been really hot lately, with one of the neighbors that is doing some weeding. Once he followed us home and hung out in the front yard with us but got bored and sauntered down to the backyard. A few minutes later he was gone when I went to check on him. I guess he finally found a faster speed. He is a super nice friendly cat, reminds me of my old neighborhood cat Manny, who lived behind me and came over to hang out once and awhile. So tomorrow its to Decatur and a long shift at HomeGrown. One of these days I'll go and get my truck and bring it back to Carrollton!

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