Friday, June 24, 2011

What is Going on with Me? Or how I learned to stop worrying about the beans and weld.

1970 Oldsmobile 98 hubcap                  

This is the latest hubcap clock for my etsy shop, metalartdude's metal shop. The new junkyard that I get most of my hubcaps from now just has a big pile of them and I have to research them to get the year and model. Sometimes the owner of the junkyard helps me out if I ask about something that I have no idea about, like the DeSoto with the spinner cap, probably from the 50's. That's still sitting by the bus in the junkyard. I didn't want to get it right now but I did take the Thunderbird from the early to mid 70's, it's sweet. There is a Mazda hubcap from the early 70's there also, maybe one day I'll pick that one up. But for now I have quite a few left in the trunk of my car, why yes, I do have junk in my trunk. ;P
So now time for some randomness. Lime green flamingo!

 And more flamingos!

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