Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Swamp in July
Swamp in May
Swamp in January
I walked down to the swamp at the end of the neighborhood and counted about 18 geese in what remained of the water in the swamp. Apparently the water level is a bit low due to the fact that the beaver dam got partially washed away by the last few storms, 3/4" in about 1 hour last time.The geese didn't move around that much because of the lack of space but they genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves. After standing there for awhile the frogs started up a rolling symphony of sound coming from one end of the swamp and rolling towards us, stopping, and then all encompassing of the swamp. It was a strange affect and grew louder as more of the frogs croaked in and then stopped. Strangely beautiful. The swamp changes with the seasons, last time that I photographed it was earlier this year with a lot of water and then when we had a snowstorm.
 And now for one of my latest sculptures. A little black and white "parts" dog. It was inspired by my crazy little black and white mutt, Pluto, of somewhat astonishing bits and pieces and some paint!
Now if I could just remember the story of E and C who lived in an A-frame house and worked at an advertising agency in Zeeville. Oh well maybe another time and another place. Thanks!

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