Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Junkyards and Clocks

Walked around a junkyard.  It's a cool, sad, exciting, and an educational experience all at the same time. I went looking for hubcaps but I don't want to take the ones that I see as a complete set on a car. I feel bad using them for a clock when they could be used to finish another car restored to it's former glory and back on the road but then I wonder how long these cars from the 50's and 60's have been in this junkyard and wonder if anyone will take the hubcaps for their restoration project.
The cars of years past were really big, and to think they usually had drum brakes, no power steering, no power anything, and yet they were driven. We are spoiled by the modern conveniences and safeties of our current daily drivers. It truly is a different experience to drive a vehicle that is 40-50 years old, and I drive a 64 Ford F100, not as a daily driver but I do drive it as often as possible and use it to its fullest capabilities as a truck. It ain't pretty, it's a truck, it was designed to haul things and tow things. At least the previous owner told me he had towed his fishing boat with it.  Well time to go to the basement and get something done. Later.

And some newer art work for today. "Headed Askew"

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